We use a diverse selection of print materials To enhance the image and assure the customer of
a long lasting and durable piece of art that is truly gallery quality



The bright white, matte Forex® is an 
optimal base for a pin-sharp print that 
doesn’t reflect light. The premium, 
direct print using the 6-colour 
technology ensures brilliant pictures 
with the highest colour saturation, and 
thanks to our UV-cured inks, you’ll be 
able to enjoy them for ages.

Canvas on Stretcher

Our canvas on stretcher frame is a  
distinguished winner of our print  
materials. The 8-colour, pigment  
print technology is remarkable for  
producing rich, vibrant colours that  
remain brilliant for decades.
The pigments are encapsulated in 
resin, making them enduringly 
smudge-proof. With a photo on 
canvas, you can expect a work of 
art that’s full of life.

Aluminium Dibond

This highly-stable and robust 
aluminium product can even be hung
 in rooms with lots of moisture or in 
outdoor areas which are shielded 
from rain.
Using the latest in UV printing 
echnology, we print the image on an 
aluminium Dibond panel that has 
been primed with a platinum-white 
enamel. With a matte finish, the 
colours shine in detailed high 

Brushed Aluminium

A direct print on brushed aluminium 
 gives the image an extravagant look.
With this product, the whites and very 
bright parts of your photos are not 
actually printed; instead, these areas 
retain the horizontally brushed 
appearance of the aluminium surface.
The picture on aluminium Dibond is 
suitable for indoor or sheltered outdoor 

Direct Print Behind Acrylic

Our direct print behind acrylic glass  
uses a 6-colour print technology, the  
image is printed in crisp detail and in  
rich, true-to-the-source colours on the  
back side of a crystal-clear pane of  
acrylic glass. For stability,  the acrylic 
 is mounted on an ultra-light yet robust  
Forex® panel.
Thanks to an ultra-thin layer of silicone 
adhesive, the high quality acrylic glass 
and Forex® form a perfect bond - for a 
long-lasting, quality mounting whose
 luminosity, brilliance and optical depth 
will excite you for decades.

Block Mount

Block mounted prints look stunning in 
most environments and provide a 
modern stylish alternative to canvas 
prints. The image is printed on Satin 
Art paper. The print is heat 
sealed with a satin protective laminate 
then mounted onto a 12mm or 18mm 
depth MDF block. The blocks have a 
black edging giving you the perfect finish. 
All block mounted prints have keyhole 
hangers for either portrait or landscape