Clive Stevens grew up in West Sussex and enjoyed art from an early age. He decided at the ripe old 
age of twelve that he would go to art college and become a full time professional artist. Unfortunately, 
he was reluctantly steered into a mechanical engineering apprenticeship, which his elders felt was a 
far more sensible and stable option. They were wrong!!

At the age of twenty one he emigrated to Canada and studied Graphic Design at Mohawk College in 
Ontario.After graduating he worked at several different design consultantcies and agencies, gathering 
experience in various aspects of the business.

At twenty eight, he studied at University for his BFA and upon graduating, exhibited several of his 
paintings and sculptures at The London Regional Art Gallery. Around this period, he formed his own
design consultancy in London, Ontario where he worked for such clients as The Canadian Tourist
Board, theatres and art galleries.

In 1985 he followed his heart and moved back to his beloved England where he worked as a freelance 
illustrator for many national and international accounts such as Henkel of Germany, Scottish Power and 
Daily Telegraph to name but a few.

With his love of creating pictures and landscapes in particular, his move into photography was a natural 
one when he discovered HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography, which he wanted to apply  to his fine 
art panoramics.He found that this process gave the picture more the feel of a painting and an effect he
particularly connected with. He still works as an all-round artist, creating his sculptures, paintings and 
photographic panoramas.
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